Our most effective, organic facial treatment ever formulated

The secret of beauty lies within the formula with naturally sourced ingredients

For aeons, people have been perplexed by the mystery of beauty and youth. In early Societies, a select few who dedicated their lives to this vocation found lasting beauty within alchemical elixirs and formulations made from the earth’s minerals and plant oils.

For many years these ancient tinctures were a mystery. After deciphering the historical records kept by alchemists, and after many years of intense research, Cleopatra Secret holds the key to lasting beauty and we want to share this secret with everyone.

Cleopatra Secret No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 are unique in their purity, composition and aroma. You will feel, smell and understand the purity with the first application.

We share our knowledge through these products with all those people who give themselves and their skin special importance. We recognise there is more to feeling good than just looking good…

Our all-in-one facial care products are expertly engineered from 100% vegan, ecological sources to prevent skin conditions, moisturise the skin and make it clearer and firmer.

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All our products are produced and manufactured in Germany.