The secret of beauty

Since the invention of the mirror people tries to solve the mystery of beauty and youth. However, already several thousand years ago, some selected people managed with the help of alchemical elixirs, to achieve long-lasting beauty and youth.

Over the centuries, these magical recipes were kept secret and became available or were given to only representatives of royal families in our time. We have managed to get to these secret traditions / records of alchemists from the Orient. After a long research and development, we can now make them accessible to all people regardless of their social status or origin.

CleopatraSecret No.1, No.2 and No.3 are unique elixirs in their purity, composition and aroma worldwide. These elixirs permanently change and improve your appearance and state of mind. The purity of these elixirs is a pronounced rarity these days.

These elixirs are pure magic.

You will feel, smell and understand it with the first application. We share our knowledge through these products with all those people who are important to themselves and are always looking for something special to discover.

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All our products are produced and manufactured in Germany.