RDA-S Formula
Rejuvenating • Dermatological • Anti-Stress

Cleopatra Secret organic dermatological solutions consist of only the purest natural plant oils. Pure plant oils contain large numbers of nutrients like essential amino acids, enzymes, mineral salts, vitamins and antioxidants, all of which are highly beneficial for facial skin.

Our Skin feels the stress of modern life. Wind, rain, air-conditioning, and even the sun all exert stress on the delicate, superficial dermal layers.

Pure Line’s Organic, Anti-stress skin-care formula is produced with intricate knowledge of Dermatology. It’s designed to nourish and shield your skin from the external influences of day-to-day life. Its soft-texture is easily absorbed, leaving your skin clear, soothed and radiant.

Our facial care solutions were formulated over a long period of research and development, hand-picking each individual ingredient based on its merit for your skin.

We have tested the products on a range of different people from different ethnicities and age groups in various European cities.

These dermatological solutions are ideal for people suffering from a range of skin conditions, from mild to severe disorders. Some of the test subjects showed severe skin irritation before the beginning of the developmental phase and it was observed that the appearance of the skin improved markedly after application of the elixirs.

Pure Line proofs beauty is more than skin deep…

Our natural aesthetic facial care combinations have a unique fragrance. With regular use your skin becomes firmer, enhancing beauty and youth for a state of perfect harmony. You will feel and recognise the benefits and effectiveness of our unique facial care mixture.

Pure Line’s 100% vegan and organic face-care products are designed to stimulate your skin. We’ve worked hard to ensure they’re balanced and suitable for all skin types.

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All our products are produced and manufactured in Germany