RDA-S Formula

After our Elixirs No.1, 2 and 3 were finally finished after a long period of research and development, we selected different people (of different ages) in various European cities (Berlin, Munich, London, Paris, Moscow) as test subjects.

Particularly serious skin disorders or conditions (dermatologists could only prescribe antibiotics or other extremely strong medications) were of important to us.

12 test subjects with severe skin and irritation problems were soon able to grasp how apparent and noticeable the results were.

These people were initially skeptical to test our products. They were later curious and ultimately perceived the products to give visibly marvellous results.

The stress factor is ever-present.

With Cleopatrasecret No.3 we were able to significantly reduce the stress state. In some cases, we have managed to solve depression and make everyday life easier. The ascending scent of our elixir No.3 flows through the entire nervous system. It creates a uniform, sensitive circulation of all neurons, which achieves a homogeneous harmony.

All 3 elixirs contain the RDAS formula, the high intensity of which is the rejuvenation factor.

After a few applications, you will feel and recognise the benefits and effectiveness of our unique products.

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All our products are produced and manufactured in Germany.