Beauty Advise

Best skin oil for the "best" skin type

The soft-texture of our dry and non-dry oils combination, which contains rich and abundant fatty acids is easily absorbed instantly, stimulating the skin, leaving it clear, soothed and radiant.

Especially for dry and mature skin they are a real help, but not only. Every skin type “loves” certain facial oils that go perfectly with it. Find out which oil is your remedy, ask for our oil samples.

Skin renews itself for a lifetime

This process only increases with age. Between 20 and 50, the cell renewal slows down, then rapidly. At the same time the body shell changes on all levels:

  • The clear demarcation of the epidermis individual layers gets thinner and stores less water. The nutrient supply to the skin decreases.
  • In the dermis collagen production decreases, the firming structure of the skin relaxes. Collagen degradation is accelerated by external factors, such as UV rays,  and promotes the activity of cell-damaging free radicals.
  • The fat layer and the loose connective tissue become thinner in the subcutis. The energy supply of the skin decreases.

Wrinkle control

Superficial damage and smaller dryness wrinkles will be combated. However, the deep facial expressions are a muscular problem, which are caused by skin aging. Cleopatra Secret age the skin ‘better’ and, above all, one should not see the signs of aging as clearly. Use our cell-activating oils early enough and small, flat wrinkles do not even develop.


Allergic reactions can be caused by cosmetics with preservatives, dyes, fragrances and many other substances as well.  Visit your dermatologist, to protect yourself reliably, as he uses tests to determine which substances you may be allergic to. The INCI terms are entered in the Allergy Pass. You should definitely avoid buying the indicated cosmetics to be on the safe side.

Vegetable oils

To make it simple, vegetable oils are pressed from nuts or fruits and essential oils are pressed from leaves or flowers. Unlike essential oils, vegetable oils can be applied directly to the skin or rubbed into the skin without diluting it. There are unlimited application possibilities.

Facial Oil for Oily Skin

When we over-wash and do not moisturize our skin overcompensates. More oil and sebum giving rise to oilier skin, dry patches and more. Pure Line’s facial skin oils are made with truly natural plant oils, which hydrate the skin without clogging pores and find the needed balance.

In short, yes, oily skin needs moisture too and is often dehydrated.

Concentrated Moisture

Oils are concentrated, effective moisturizers and long-lasting. Our vegan oils sink in deeply to moisturize and nurture with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins, dry skin is hydrated and given the all-time glowing, juvenile and radiant face. Individually each oil has been a miracle cure for centuries … mixed, they are an elixir and achieve the maximum results.

Check ingredients in cosmetics

When you use chemical-based cosmetics, you are actually destroying your skin barrier and your skin loses the ability to self-recover. The next step to becoming an intelligent customer is to check the ingredients behind every product. We encourage you to read our product labels. The more you know about ingredients, the better you will appreciate Pure Line’s products.

Can products from different ranges be used together?

If a specific problem (dark spots, redness, tone loss) needs to be corrected, you should use the full range targeting the issue (day treatment, night cream, eye contour care and serum) as the products are complementary and when used together produce the best results.

Be careful with textiles

Our oils leave stains on textiles as they are not diluted with water or alcohol or evaporate. Please use the  small bottle with dropper carefully.

Smile all day

The best beauty tip for every day…Smile! Wear this most beautiful asset of yours daily.