Pure Line is a German skincare company, its trademark is effective skin care formulas made with natural and botanical ingredients.

We invite you to our world of natural cosmetics

In 2004 Eduard Kantor, who with his partner passionately formulated natural derma care from powerful substances of highest grade effective vegan and organic ingredients from around the world to get the best raw materials with their own strict Pure Line Compliance.

Pure Line Compliance means

Pure Line is active in toxicology, ecology and refuse to use artificial preservatives, mineral oil and animal by-products, known endocrine obstructing or cancer inducing ingredients or use any banned additive from any country in the world.

During this time a friendly and cooperative relationship developed with suppliers from 3 different continents. Plants that are grown in organic quality and grow where their home is can achieve the high quality that you are used to from our mixtures.

Since 2015 Eduard Kantor and Partners launched Pure Line GmbH by developing a range of three products containing an oil combination with anti-ageing properties and are anchored on site with packaging, production, development and design. Pure Line’s standards of honesty, fairness, and integrity have gained us the confidence of our friends around the world. We hold our position based on our reputation and on recommendation and we continue to reach you through the quality of our formulations.

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